Tourist Indigestion


  • 78 days on the road and another 3 weeks of homelessness before we left
  • 5,500 photos by Thea and 6,600 photos by Bruce (wow, he has never won that competition before)
  • 46 postcards – haven’t you got yours yet?
  • 40 different hotel beds and a few nights on the road

we need a rest!

So we are off to Crete for a week, where we hope to find a kitchenette and a laundry.  We will catch up on paper work (I assume there is still some money in the bank) and Bruce will do some work.

We will also plan our next adventure, but right now we are thinking “The Balkans” until end of June.

We are having a great time, leaving home comes highly recommended.

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8 Responses to Tourist Indigestion

  1. Alex Mifsud says:

    Thea, reading your “progress so far list” of number of photos, hotel beds etc. made me try to guess what this list might look like by the time you return home. I imagine that people will find the totals unbelievable.
    Looking forward to your reports on Crete – another place we have on our future destinations list.
    Cheers, Alex.

  2. Hey Thea
    your travelogue conveys the feeling of being there. Not having travelled in Turkey, I am very interested in your adventures. Thanks.

  3. Decima says:

    Think it’s time to slow down on the photos, think how many you will have to edit!

    Pleased you are enjoying.

    • thea says:

      That’s the beauty of lugging a laptop each – we are editing on the run.

  4. Kerry Daly says:

    Sounds good Thea.

  5. Trish Fisher says:

    Thea and Bruce, you surely deserve your break in Crete. Enjoy the downtime. Trish

  6. Helana Meltzer says:

    Hi Thea,
    Fantastic to get your postcard – exciting to get actual post!!!
    Reading your stories and seeing your fabulous pictures makes me green with envy. Seems the trip has been bigger than all expectations. What a wonderful opportunity you 2 are grabbing and doing it the “real” way!!! Good on you guys!!!! You must be super fit now!!!
    Miss you, Love Helana

    • thea says:

      Hi Helana,
      glad you got the postcard. We are having a great time. Spent 4 hours today in the Athens Archaeological Museum – exhausting!

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