Looking up in New York

Monday 24 August to Tuesday 1 September

New York is well known for its tall buildings, but when you look at the landscape of Manhatten Island from its periphery, there are in fact only two areas where tall buildings dominate, Midtown around 42nd Street and Downtown in the financial district.  There is a rather nifty web site where you can explore Skyscrapers around the world; this link is for Skyscrapers in New York.  Just look at the buildings over 250m in height (about 60 – 70 floors).

Nevertheless, it is a case of craning necks in those areas.

We visited the 9/11 Tribute Center at World Trade Center.  I was curious to see so many people taking happy selfies, high jumps, victory fingers and other random self indulgent photos in an area that is a tribute to a lot of lost people.  Perhaps it is just a tourist center rather than a Tribute Center for many people.

I was brought to tears by one engraved name with a white rose commemorating a lost soul’s birthday and another of a lady and her ‘unborn child’.  It truly is a place of reflection.