Wheels make a heap of difference to travelling.  There is more you can do, but there are also restrictions.

High on my list of “must see” is Macedonia.  I have worked with people who have emigrated from there and they have told me about the beautiful lakes and mountains.  A little research showed that Macedonia is not a place to go with our Renault.  No problem with the country – it is the getting in and out that proved difficult.  Land locked by Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia (and Kosovo) and Albania, getting in and out of the country was difficult.  The Renault is not insured in Albania.  The Australian Government is advising not to visit Kosovo and all other entry points meant long, arduous driving.

Montenegro is still on the list, as well as meeting Hayden and Andrea in Dubrovnik late in July, so we had a month to fill in.

A recent email from an old school friend, Jenny, mentioned how beautiful Corsica is.  Seemed like a good place to go!

Corsica is beautiful.  It is really a massive rock, approximately 200km north to south and 70km east to west of wild, rocky, windy, treacherous roads.  It is a bikies paradise, both the pedal and the motorised varieties.  In fact the first three days of the Tour de France in 2013 will be held in Corsica and I am sure it will make some exciting racing.



Porto Vecchio