Cruising the Yangzi

Saturday 6 to Tuesday 9 September

We cruised the Yangzi River through the gorges for 3 nights on the Century Legend.  The cruise was everything to be expected with pagodas, gorges and amazing engineering.

But there were some lowlights:

  • I lost Bruce on an escorted tour of the Shibaozhai Pagoda. He was so busy taking photographs that he fell behind. Our guide was most concerned and sent out a search party. It was a weird feeling, knowing the boat would sail without him if he wasn’t found.
  • Bruce’s camera died when we were steaming up the Shennong Stream. That turned out to be a very expensive exercise, replacing a camera and then the logistics of off loading the broken one.
  • The final buffet was enormous. I paid the price the next day for trying everything. Not fun flying and being very unwell.

Story to come, but here are some photos.