San Sebastian

I have heard that the sun shines in San Sebastian, sadly not for us. As we drove north from the warmth of Barcelona the clouds built up and the rain started.

None the less, we ventured into town, and admired the stunning beaches, where some tourists appeared oblivious to the rain. After a little sightseeing, it got dark enough to be enticed by the tapas.

Now Spain is famous for its tapas, but San Sebastian has to outdo the rest of the country in one foul swoop. Countless bars oozing with platters with all sorts of beautifully decorated morsels.

There must be an art to tapas making in San Sebastian, as you have options of seafood stacked on mayonnaise, jambon stacked on tomato, egg stacked on Russian salad, platters of olives or peppers or octopus or sardines.

Why eat, when you can nibble on tapas?

A quick tour of the city in the morning was little better. We managed to get caught in a vicious rain storm and had to take refuge in yet another tapas bar.