Fafá Island

Fafá Island, Tonga.  22-26 May.

Fafá Island is a 25 minute boat ride from the ferry terminal of Nuku’alofa. It is a small island with a bush path and 13 Fale (huts).

Here the cacophony of pigs, dogs and roosters was replaced by lapping water and sweet singing birds.

Although in sight of the main town of Nuku’alofa, we felt miles away.

There really wasn’t very much to do, and we quickly slipped into the “nothingness”.  We read, walked around the island, snorkelled, explored the bush track and met new friends who were also inhabiting the other fales and enjoying the best food in Tonga.

We were constantly entertained by the birds, it seemed that they sang 24/7, perhaps a little too loudly in the early hours of the morning.