Connections & Links

In our travels in 2012 we have met some wonderful people and got some great assistance.  Here is a list of people and businesses that we appreciate:

Travelscene Hampton where we booked the Egyptian leg of our wanderings.  They also have a blog site, which Alex and Janine manage.

Chaanah (a young New York lady “lost in Petra”) of Jordan Memory Tours sorted out a great itinerary for us to visit Wadi Rum, Aqaba and the Dead Sea in Jordan.

We spent just one fantastic night in the Jordan desert of Wadi Rum with the Beduoin family of Eid Attayiq & Ali Eid.

Our favourite restaurant in Crete was Myrtios, in the delightful village of Old Hersonissos.  They do the most amazing “pots in the oven”.

In 2013 we travelled to Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.

  • We booked the Japanese leg of our tour through Japan Package Tours in Melbourne with lots of help from Mina Mukaibo.
  • We booked our South Korean travel though Novaland Tours, who are actually located in China, with lots of help from Lillian.