Valderrobes and Alcaniz

Valderrobes is a village just inside the Aragon border and just east of the meridian line. My navigating, with Jane’s help, nearly took us up a dirt track as I has chosen the same longitudinal point west of the meridian line!

Having found the village during siesta, there was little more for us to do than look at the ancient castle and church on the hill and visit the Calvery Garden.

Overnight stop was in Alcaniz, the beautiful 12th century Castillo Calatravos which housed the convent of the order of Calatrava in Teruel.

A tour was on offer of the tower, where gothic murals tell the history of the area. Unfortunately the tour was conducted in Spanish, so it was afterwards that we were able to gather the significance of what we had seen. There were battles between Muslims and Christians, representation of conquering the area and of course many scenes from the bible.

Alcaniz is on the plains of Spain which are dry and arid. Vegetation is sparse, but the clear blue skies were stunning.