Aqaba on the Red Sea

After a night in a smoke filled Bedouin tent we felt in need of a decent shower, so we drove south to Aqaba, a tiny bit of coast on the Gulf of Aqaba, part of the Red Sea.

Aqaba, like Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, is “under development” as a holiday destination.  As it is the only seaport city for Jordan, much of the coastline is industrial and ugly, however at the Western end (nearest Israel) there are massive hotel projects in construction.

Being strategically placed, Aqaba has had many conquerors.  One of the last was Lawrence of Arabia as he led the Arab Revolt Forces in the Battle of Aqaba.

After our one night of cleaning up in Aqaba, we drove to the Dead Sea via the famous King’s Highway – a road of magnificent mountain terrain and stunning views through green valleys and desolate highlands.  On the journey, Barcelona’s dominance as the world’s best footy kit was reassured.

And on another note… alcohol is not easily available in these countries, but I have become addicted to minted lemon juice, a heady mixture of sugar syrup, freshly squeezed lemons and mashed mint.  In Aqaba the juice was particularly good!