As a sweet, youthful, independent 23 year old I moved to Genova for 6 months to write a computer program for Marconi, that calculated high pass attenuation filters for copper wire.

Whilst I don’t remember much about the program I wrote, I have very fond memories of life there as a young, fair-haired, unattached, female foreigner.  I was spoilt rotten.  There was always an invitation to a dinner, a dance, a disco, a drive.

We returned to Genova with the hope of retracing my steps there. It was a disaster in our new Renault Sport.  Traffic lanes went in vertical layers so navigating, even with the TomTom was frustrating. We couldn’t understand the parking arrangements – you need to call a number from your mobile to pay for the parking.  And we hadn’t even mastered the on-board TomTom.

We gave up and returned to Rapollo on the Portofino peninsula and licked our wounds.

Instead we ventured down to Santa Margherita and Portofino, which were my playing grounds in those days.  Despite the gloomy weather, I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting a part of my past in this beautiful area of Italy.