Tuesday 31 May – Wednesday 1 June 2012

We thought we were visiting a dinosaur like a tyrannosaurus, but Sighisoara is pronounced more like “Sigi-shra”.  This village has relics of Vlad III The Impaler, but is also famous for its unspoilt medieval look and charm.

Our hotel was at the bottom of “The Rock” upon which most medieval villages are built, and it was an easy climb to the square which was full of charming, coloured houses.

The fortification had 15 towers of which about 9 remain.  Each is different in design and supported by a different guild – butcher, furrier, tinkler and so on.  It was fun tracking them all down.

There is a covered stairway of 176 steps, leading to the Lutheren Church on the hill and a magnificent Clock Tower which houses a museum and provides a stunning view of the countryside – the lovely old town and the “Commy Flats” a little further out of town.