Our last stop in Sardinia was Cagliaro, where we were able to take a ferry back to the mainland, or continent, as Giovanna had called it.

Our accommodation was another tourist hotel, set a little out of town.  Whilst the hotel ambience resembled that of Alghero, the restaurant turned out to be one of the most popular in town and was full to overflow both evenings.  Seafood was the preference, and the staple diet appears to be Spaghetti Vongole (clams).  The public beach next to the hotel was also popular, full before we raised our heads from our pillows.

Cagliaro is another ancient town set on a rock, full of narrow streets.  A magnificent bastian, now a massive terrace within the city walls is a popular place on the hot summer evenings.  The beautiful marble seats were full of graffiti, but the style surprised me – mathematical formulae and electrical circuit diagrams were prominent.

After the mountains and rugged coastline that is much of Sardinia, Cagliaro is flat with a lot of waterways and salt beds.  It is a popular resting place for the “Greater Flamingo” during August.  We were lucky enough to find a few who had arrived early.