Warsaw 2007

Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 September

It was a long day on the train to Warsaw, and finding your way around a new city late in the evening, with hunger pangs, is always fun. But we were struck by the beautiful buildings between the old town and our hotel.

The next day was grey in Warsaw but improved when we started at a coffee cafe, with fantastic coffee and croissants. Then we explored the old town and enjoyed strudel and wine.

We took a tour of Warsaw and then explore the shops and bars before dinner.

We visited the palace and the posters museum – quite an adventure on public transport on our own.

Then to the Warsaw Rising Museum, which was very confronting. The Germans tried very hard to destroy Warsaw (no photos here).

After an amazing dinner in the old town, we boarded an overnight train to Vienna. Sadly, no cafe or bar on the train. But we were woken numerous times during the night as we went through what seemed like countless passport controls.