Fethiye is a small friendly city-in-waiting. The northern holiday season starts in a couple of weeks and boat builders and shop keepers are frantically working to have everything ready for the onslaught of 600,000 British holiday makers.

The sea around which Fethiye is built feels more like a lake. It is totally protected from the weather by a bay of islands and the calm waters allow boats to be moored right against the sea wall. The morning light against the mirrored water is stunning.

We hired a car and ventured out to Kayeköy (ghost town) and Oledeniz (resort beach with Blue Lagoon beach).  We also looked for Butterfly Valley – up and down steep roads hugging the coast.  I am so glad Bruce was driving because at times the road was so narrow I felt like closing my eyes and pretending it wasn’t happening.

Road signs were faded or non-existent so we drove around in circles, feeling totally lost.  It was a fun adventure.