A family event in Arnex-sur-Orbe

Sunday 6th to Monday 7th September

On Sunday we were invited to attend a Morel family event. Approximately 50 of Martine’s relatives came together for an annual lunch in their village of Arnex-sur-Orbe. Barbecued beef with salads was on the menu, followed by cakes and then games.

Bruce and I contributed to the chalk drawing. Our topic was a kitchen. We were given lots of assistance by the younger members of the family. No language skills were necessary, just cooperation with the design and implementation. After months of travelling, it was a treat to participate in a family event.

We took a long walk through vineyards, still chatting, before a typical Barclay Sunday dinner of leftovers, another discussion on refugees and bed.

On Monday, we visited the larger village of Orbe to see the citadel and also the refugees that Martine & Denis are helping.

Denis has taken on a role of assisting the refugees to assimilate in Switzerland. A staging post has been set up where refugees, mostly from Eritrea, to learn some cooking and computer skills, before moving on to more permanent accommodation.

Martine is assisting with French language classes for them. Such good work.

Denis dropped us at the train station at Yverdon-les-Baines, where we took the train to Zürich airport. Our next destination was Malta.