Technical Notes

Following below is a little history of my work on this site.


The Theme used is Notes Blog Core from the book Smashing WordPress by Thord Daniel Hedengren. I have used it as a base, and modified it to suit my needs. As mentioned in the post Under Construction, it is a Work-In-Progress, so please excuse any temporary glitches.


Currently adding the menu from the TwentyTen theme. See it on my wordpress site.


Added images between stainsby(t)e and the menu and allowed them to be selected randomly, from the PrimePress theme.


Replaced content of sidebar with widgets. Removed four column footers and ‘final word’.


The design is now how I envisaged it, so phase 1 of this website is complete. Now I plan to add further content, some of my flower photos and a bit about my family, especially my roots.


The site stopped working in October 2011.  After many attempts to fix malicious code, I deleted this site and and started again.  Meanwhile, there is just a Christmas message, which can now be found here.


With much assistance from Hayden, is now rebuilt.  Since the first version of this site I have learned more about child themes and how to quickly make changes with assistance from Firefox Bugzilla.


My rotating header pics look good, especially as I am collecting more from our travels, but I want to identify them.  Currently they are ranging from Malaysia, Egypt, Jordan, Easter and Central Europe.  Hayden to the rescue again, this time suggesting I name each file “this is a house.jpg” and picking up the file name without the extension.  This will load the file and description far quicker than drawing out metadata.


After adding many stories and associated pics of our travels in Central Asia, my site was grinding to a near halt.  The desktop did not function in Internet Explorer, struggled in Firefox and barely managed in Chrome.  With Hayden’s guidance I moved the site to a VPS hosted site with SSD at Hostsailor.  I hope this is a great impovement for readers and for me.

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