Thea Stainsby

I live in Melbourne, Australia.  I have worked in the computing industry all my life.

I retired in September 2011 with the view to slowing down and taking lots of trips.

The trips are happening: crossed the Nullarbor in September 2011; became Nomads in 2012; visited Japan & South Korea in 2013.  But these trips are interspersed by work.  Web pages, IT consulting and general computer training.  Some work shared with Bruce, some just mine.  Have a look at helpatthea.net for some work stories.

We have continued our travels  in 2014 – a break to Tonga and an overland journey through Central Asia to Spain for Hayden’s defense.  The family then enjoyed a chilly Christmas complete with snow in Iceland.

As 2015 started, we headed to Central America, a quick trip home for a special celebration and then to North America to meet up with Evan and Stephanie in the new home in New York. We then returned home via Europe to see Denis & Martine, visit Malta and see Hayden & Andrea’s new home in Berlin.

Finally home in November and in time to plan our next adventure in 2016 – a wedding in Granada and a tour of southern Africa. We rushed home to celebrate another family wedding in Yarrawonga – my nephew Alex married his sweetheart Sarah.

With both our sons living overseas the draw to pack up and wander was greater than ever. A delightful invitation from Stephanie to attend her graduation from the University of Columbia in New York in May 2017 dragged us away. A planned tour of Antarctica early in 2018 kept us away. In the mean time we managed journeys through the east of the states, north eastern Europe before journeying to South America. More of this story is to come.