Culture in Bern, mountains near Arnex

Friday 4 to Saturday 5 September

Part of our visit to Switzerland included a planned trip to Bernese Oberland.  The plan was to do some hiking around the sparkling lakes and stay on the mountains.

Unfortunately the plan had to be cancelled because of poor weather.  It is hardly worth climbing a mountain just to see the clouds.

Our alternate plan was to take the train to Bern. Here we met Denis & Martine. The six of us enjoyed meandering through Bern before lunch.

After lunch we took a local bus to the Paul Klee Museum. The current exhibition was comparing the parallel development of art of Klee and his friend come rival Wassily Kandinsky. It was an amazing exhibition.

We drove back to Denis and Martine’s home in Arnex and all six of us enjoyed a chatty night. Bruce and I learnt a new Swiss custom – once you take your seat at the table in a Swiss home, that is your allocated seat for the rest of your stay.

Saturday was dull, confirming the decision to cancel the Bernese Oberland plans. Instead we drove to Le Chasseron, the high point on the Jura Mountains overlooking the Vaud canton and Lake Neuenburg to the south east and the Alsace region of France to the north west. The highest peak sits more than 1,600m above sea level. The cold air was perfect for a warming lunch of soup and wine. 

It was warmer at Yverdon-les-Baines, where we enjoyed a tour of the streets. Heinz & Meike took the train back to Schaffhausen.

After a short stroll in Arnex our conversation for the evening centred around the Syrian refugees – such an awful situation.