We tried the boat, next was the bus.  We choose to sit on the left of the bus to catch the water views, and I thought Bruce would enjoy the window seat in this break from him driving. The 40 kilometre journey took 1 hour 40 minutes, less that 25km/hour.  Constant stopping as other cars rounded the corners, slowing down to let cars and buses pass on the straighter roads, and a view straight down the cliffs into the water.  It is a journey that leaves you exhausted, as you watch the bus driver manipulate his huge machine around tight corners and along narrow roads.

Sorrento, like Capri, is full of passion.  Shops sell Limoncello and Ceramics and anything else yellow in colour.

It is the largest city on the Amalfi coast, but with little beach.  Beach goers are restricted to a tiny bit of sand and a number of pontoons, all with umbrellas and sun lounges, laid out in neat rows.  There is a small space allowed for a “public beach”, a must in Italy.  Both paid and public beaches are full and the sea is a writhing mass of people and blow up toys.

Yes, I like my Sorrento better.