Stuck in Crete!

Well sometimes our Just In Time mode of travel becomes Just Too Late!

We booked accommodation for our next stop in Santorini BUT the boat between Crete and Santorini is full for the next two days.  Oh well, we will just have to laze in the sun for another two days.

I guess you loose some and you win some.  This has to be a win.

Amazones Village, Piskapiano, Crete

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3 Responses to Stuck in Crete!

  1. I loved Crete. A friend and I stayed on the south side at Irepetra. We cycled around and were amazed at the hilly terrain. At night we went to the No Name disco. Too cold to swim even though it was April or May. Just pleasant to laze around.
    Back home I’ve started packing a few things up as Dot wants to work in the Cairns area. Hopefully it’s soon as winter has set in here though it’s warmer today.

    • thea says:

      Yes, Michael, it is beautiful! There is still snow on the mountains, which makes an interesting view when you are wandering around a very warm Heraklion!
      Good luck for the move to Cairns. Don’t blame you escaping another Melbourne winter.

  2. Decima says:

    Doesn’t look too painful.

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