Kuala Lumpur – stop 1

Starting point – Kuala Lumpur.

After a 3:40am flight out of Melbourne, we were pretty washed out in KL, so didn’t do a great deal.

After some important shopping (mighty mouse for Bruce’s new Air & sunglasses for me), we had “high tea” as Carcosa House. Carcosa House is a colonial style house set in beautiful gardens close to KL CBD with an interesting history of British Colonialism and Japanese invasion. It was great fun to sit and hear the distant hum of the chaotic traffic as well as the tropical birds singing, drink tea (yes, B&T drank tea) and eat a variety of English snacks such as cucumber sandwiches and apple crumble.

In the evening we went to Jalan Alor – the hawkers street. It rained – a full tropical downpour. Luckily we were sitting under an umbrella, so they just wound it down a bit so the rain didn’t bounce as far!

We went to “Little India” the next evening, but couldn’t find a decent place to eat and ended up at a cheap and cheerful Chinese. Much more expensive than Jalan Alor – about $AUD40 for the two of us.

We also saw the “Berlin Bears” that are touring from the FIFA World Cup in Germany in 2006.  The last time we saw some of these bears was in Berlin in 2005.  Brought back memories.