Thea’s adventure 2019

12 February to 13 May 2019

The adventure wasn’t just mine, but it was a journey to honour my 70th birthday with the family.

The rule is that we meet somewhere that no-one has been. That is getting increasingly difficult as Bruce and I have notched up close to one hundred countries and Evan and Steph have visited a few we haven’t seen.

So the choice was made, by the rest of the family, to visit Macedonia – in February. Yes it was cold and the tourist sites were empty, but we managed a magical week there. Bruce and I came via Doha and continued to Kosovo and Albania then to Corfu and Cyprus.

We returned to Berlin to visit Hayden and Andrea. The news was finally out – they are expecting their first child in September 2019.

We then visited Martine and Denis in Switzerland with a quick stop over in Stuttgart to visit Rebecca and Felix and family.

From there a flight to New York to spend some time with Evan and Steph before making a 6,000 km road trip across the southern USA states.

We stopped in Hawaii on the way home.

It was a short 3 month jaunt. But then we will have to return to Berlin later in the year to meet out first grandchild. So we came home with excited expectations in our heart.

Thea’s 70th birthday celebration at Kamnik Hunters Lodge near Skopje MK

Our European jaunt…


And through the USA…