Our day trip to the Isle of Capri started in disaster; it was after all “Friday the 13th”.  My camera wasn’t in my bag or my case or under the bed or anywhere.  At 9:30 in the morning it is way too early to retrace last night’s steps as the bars and restaurants wouldn’t be open yet, so we set off on a boat ride to Capri as planned.

Day trippers and tour parties fill the island quickly in the morning.  There is a continuous queue at the funicular, which makes an easy journey to the village of Capri set on top of the cliffs.

The village is full of shops and hotels, mostly upmarket.  Great for the tourist window shoppers but also a must visit for the  “boat people” who drag their massive shopping bags out of the shops back to their boats.

Marina Piccola on the north side of the island is full of luxury cruisers ranging from big to very big, with their tenders and ski boats and water scooters.  These are like the cruisers we saw down the coast of Corsica and to a lesser extent in Sardinia, but here, in greater numbers.

I loved the Giardini di Augusto Krupp, a tiny but pretty garden with magnificent views over Marina Piccola.

We returned to Amalfi by boat.  The coast is steep and the road winds treachoursly around, connecting villages and villas.  Just past Positano we were horrified to watch a bush fire race up the cliffs at frightening speed.  Houses on top of the cliff seemed at huge risk.  Next day we watched a water bomber clear up the last of the fire.

It was late enough when we returned to Amalfi to retrace last night’s steps in search of my camera.  And yes, it had dropped out of my bag at the restaurant and they were holding it safely for me.

I also now have a police report for a lost camera that isn’t lost.