This page is a retrospective of our travels… Let’s see how it goes!

It starts with travels to Europe in 2005 to visit Hayden in London, and renew memories and friendships.

We were drawn back in 2007 to visit Hayden in his new home in Barcelona and continue on to Russia.

In 2008 Bruce decided his best school mate needed some help to celebrate his 60th birthday in Switzerland. We had a family reunion in Andorra and explored Bulgaria and Romania.

We toured just the north of the North Island of New Zealand in October 2009  We will have to go back to see more.

We toured Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in Indochina between 6 January and 16 February 2011. This was an experiment, an opportunity to see how well we could travel solo.

Next was a Sunday drive across the Nullarbor between 28 August and 20 September 2011.

In February 2012 we bravely set off for a year to see Malaysia, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, France, Montenegro, Croatia, Lichtenstein, Spain, England, Germany and Switzerland.  The story of our nomadic life is here.

Hayden’s birth had got in the way of a planned tour of Japan. Thirty years later we managed it, with the added adventure in South Korea.

Bravado had set in, so in 2014 we travelled the Silk Route, arriving in Barcelona in time to celebrate Hayden’s PhD. From there we toured Central America, interrupted by a quick journey home to celebrate Evan and Steph’s wedding, then North America to see them settled in New York, before returning to Europe to see Hayden and Andrea settled in Berlin.

In 2016 we were invited to Granada for Hayden and Andrea’s wedding. We took the opportunity to explore more of Spain and then southern Africa.

With both our boys living overseas we were once again lured to make a journey in 2017-2018. This time we explored eastern Europe and South America, squeezing in a 70th birthday celebration for Bruce in Jamaica with the family.

In 2019 it was my turn to celebrate, so the family met in the Republic of North Macedonia for a chilly tour. Bruce and I continued exploring the Balkans before making a road trip through the southern states of USA. Of course we visited Hayden and Andrea in Berlin and Evan and Steph in New York.

In 2020 COVID-19 curtailed our travels, but we thoroughly enjoyed reviewing our past adventures. For me it was a special year as I celebrated 50 years since I left home.

There are lots of photos with the stories, but always a random selection on the right of the page – guess where on earth?