Stuck in Aus

For two+ years we have learned to live with a pandemic. It’s 100 years since the whole world last had to learn to live with a pandemic. So we have no one to say ‘…in my day…’. We have had to learn to navigate this strange world ourselves.

Politicians and scientists and many in between have had opinions on how to reduce the death, manage the illness and generally get through the pandemic. We really won’t know how best to navigate this until (hopefully) it’s over.

Bruce & I have been diligent. We are vaccinated, we wear masks and wash them very frequently. We limit our activities to outdoors – walks, picnics in the park, we haven’t been in a cinema for 2 years, we eat at familiar restaurants. We have visited the city when we felt safe, and taken all precautions.

So it was quite a shock when what we thought were the effects of our third vaccination turned out to be COVID. We have absolutely no idea where it came from and fortunately we don’t appear to have affected or infected anyone else.

Oh well, stuck at home for two weeks.

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