Statistics Europe, Americas, Antarctica 2017-18

It was a journey of ups and downs. The best of the best and a few mishaps on the way.

We flew to New York to enjoy watching Steph graduate, and took advantage to explore the eastern states, particularly the Blue Ridge Driveway.

Then across the Atlantic to catch up with Andrea and Hayden in Berlin and take on yet another Renault Eurodrive to explore Eastern Europe. Mishap 1 – The car wasn’t ready. We were given an Opel until they chased us down with our assigned Renault in the Czech Republic.

Our round trip of 74 days took us to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, LithuaniaLatvia, Estonia and Finland – all new countries to explore.

Plans to explore England and Ireland were thwarted when I received news that my dear brother Phil had died, so we returned home for a month.

We managed some time in England before reaching New York for Thanksgiving, then to Jamaica, via Florida, to celebrate Bruce’s significant birthday with the family.

With a planned adventure to Antarctica booked for early February we took advantage to explore South America, stepping off from Panama we toured Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil – more new countries.

In that time my 8 year old computer broke down, so I bought a new one in Panama, which broke down in the Antarctic. The host provider for this website managed to delete it and loose their backup. Our backup disk failed us, we got food poisoning and I picked up a nasty virus – just a few mishaps.

We survived, spent 311 days away, visited 23 countries, of which 15 were new to us and travelled 127,247 km. I took 23,000 photos.

Two and a half years later with a repaired computer and a rebuilt web site, I have finally finished the stories of our journey.

So here are some statistics. The kilometres sightseeing by car, bus or on foot are not included. More detail below…


Air 98,639
Hire cars 18,942
Driving 3,654
Ferries 658
Car on train 1,654
Cruises 3,700
TOTAL 127,247
Country/State Days Photos
North America 59 3,236
Antarctica 8 2,777
Australia 34 30
Central America 9 1,120
Europe 114 7,454
South America 87 9,001
Grand Total 311 23,092

Counting the days and photos in each country

The flights

We hired cars a number of times. Of course the big journey was done in the Renault Eurodrive.

We also travelled from one city to another by road.

And finally, there was other transport – car on train, ferries and cruises.


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