Our introduction to Göreme in Cappadocia was a kaleidoscope of hot air balloons sailing over the town as our bus pulled in at 6:30am on a beautifully clear blue sky day.

We learnt later that this is the largest hot air ballon operation in the world with over 100 balloons fighting for air space at the peak of the tourist season.

You go to Cappadocia to see amazing natural glymphs arising out of the ground. More correctly they are strange verticals rocks that eroded out of the volcanic ash or tuff from three volcanoes, 4 million years ago. They have left a strange lot of peaks with shapes ranging from erotic to imaginable animals and Gods.

The volcanic ash that settled also left a landscape that allowed various settlers in the area to build caves and underground cities into the soft tuff.

So Cappadocia is rich in history of Hittates hiding from enemies and Christians fleeing Romans in caves built in the soft volcanic soil. It is also full of fabulous stories such as Turkish Muslims sharing their church mosque with Byzantine Christians. Heck they have different worship days!

History and natural wonders collide in Cappadocia.