Istanbul – Galata Tower, İstiklâl Avenue, Taksim Square

Sitting on the north side of the Golden Horne and standing out in contrast to the many minarets, is the Galata Tower.

Built as a watch house, it stands part way up the hill to the famous shopping area of İstiklâl Avenue.

Getting there is half the fun – take the one stop old underground train from Karakoram to Beyoğlu.  This underground, second oldest to London’s, was not extended.  It simply provided a means to climb the steep slope.

İstiklâl Avenue is a mile long stretch in the upmarket Beyoğlu district of Istanbul that leads to the famous Taksim Square.  There was a massive police presence in the square and a strange audio-video presentation on a massive outdoor screen, advertising the benefits the police offer the public, using short movies and techno/disco music.

No more trouble in Taksim Square!!