Skardoska Lake

Some things don’t just happen.  We had booked a ferry from Bari (Italy) to Bar (Montenegro) online, but when we showed up to collect the tickets they were “lost in the system”.   Car parked in the ferry lane and accommodation booked in Montenegro, we had no choice but to buy another set of tickets.  (We did eventually get a refund on the lost tickets, but lost $AUD20 on the rising Australian Dollar.)

Our second set of tickets were for a cabin without en suite, so we felt rested but grotty when we arrived in Montenegro at 8:30am.  We also discovered that the Tom Tom didn’t know Montenegro at all well.  Back to map reading.

After an hour’s drive north we arrived at Skardoska Lake – the biggest in this part of the world, and a delightful place to stop for crepes and coffee as a late breakfast.