Antarctica – the ultimate distination

When Hampton Travel and Cruise announced a tour to Antarctica, we jumped. We do not normally enjoy group travel, preferring to manage our own destinations and timeframe, however some things have to be done for you.

It was a good choice to travel with people we knew and to have the opportunity to meet more people on an extraordinary 9 day voyage to the southern continent.

We came away with a better understanding of our world, new friends and for me nearly 3000 photos and a broken computer. We proved we have good sea legs and our sense of adventure is not going to be undermined by our maturing years.

The coloured pins on the map represent the days we travelled:

  • red – south on the Drake Passage
  • blue – South Shetland Islands (Bariantos and Cecilia Islands)
  • purple – Danco Island in Errera Channel, Leith Cove and Paradise Cove
  • pink – Almirante Brown Scientific Station, British Base A
  • yellow – Paradise Harbour, Lemaire Channel, Pleneau Bay
  • brown – Elephant Point, Deception Island
  • green – north on the Drake Passage
  • orange – Cape Horn and the Beagle Channel