Amalfi Coast

We have owned a holiday house in Sorrento, Victoria for quite a few years, so the opportunity to see the real Sorrento appealed to us.

After a disastrous start from the ferry, in Naples, and rain for the first time in five weeks we headed for the coast.

The road started fine, a nice motorway until we turned off at Angri.  From there we climbed up and over the mountains to reach Amalfi, on narrow, winding roads, often with barely enough room for two cars to pass.  Occasionally parts of the road were controlled by traffic lights, giving cars in each direction a turn at using the road.  These traffic lights didn’t seem to apply to motor bikes and scooters – they took off and used the road as they wanted, darting in and around the cars and buses.

Not only are the roads narrow and winding, places to park a car are limited and therefore expensive.  Nonetheless, we were happy to pay 25 Euros a day to have the car parked somewhere in a garage and use the public bus system.