Wanderers 2017-2018

We are on the road again. I said I wouldn’t spend such a long time wandering again, but when Stephanie asked us to New York to celebrate her graduation from the Columbia University, Teacher’s College with a Masters – it was too hard to resist.

We had already planned to be in NE Europe later in the year, and then South America over the southern summer. So it made sense to tack a journey to North America on to the front of our plans.

So here we are with a kind of itinerary:

  • USA: May – June
  • Berlin then NE Europe: July – September
  • UK (& Ireland?): September – October
  • USA southern states: November – December
  • South America: December – March

We have already booked an Antarctic cruise between 30 January and 9 February 2018.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Check the drop down menu from here. As I catch up, each country should have a map of places we have visited.