To avoid the bush fires we drove through a mountain pass south of Kolašin to Žabljak. Fortunately there were few other cars on the road, as at times the road was too narrow to accommodate two cars.

Žabljak is another ski resort and probably more popular than Kolašin.   It is set beside a beautiful national park which has a number of glacial lakes. Like Kolašin, we set out to walk the 5km around the Black Lake. It is well signed in Montenegrin. Pity we couldn’t translate the sign that pointed left to the beach and right to continue the walk. It was my iPhone app MotionX-GPS that saved us from walking around in circles for hours looking for the path away from the beach.

It is a popular place in summer, with lots of swimmers and walkers, beautiful wild flowers, tall dark pine trees and even a few sheep thrown in.

We stayed in a family resort, which we were told, is covered by 2 metres of snow in the season.  For dinner there, I tried a local pork and potato dish which was yummy but enough to feed 3 or 4 of me!!

On our way south we called into the local ski run.  The chair lifts were operating for the summer tourists.  They were long and fast and the getting on and off were rather precarious, without skis.  But the view from the top of the rocky mountain was worth every bit of trauma of the chair lifts.