Come to Kosovo

Sunday 24 February to Saturday 2 March

It was an easy drive from Skopje in Macedonia to Pristina in Kosovo.

I have no desire to visit Serbia, however the half-country of Kosovo did interest me. Perhaps it is part of my sympathy for the underdogs, as Kosovo, who declared its independence from Serbia in 2008 is only recognised by 53% of the United Nations member states.

The Euro is the currency of choice in Kosovo, and although it has its own flag, we found that was dominated by the Albanian flag in the west.

Travelling in winter is never easy, with short, cold days. But our journey was fascinating in this predominantly Muslim country with a rich Orthodox history.

We took a taxi from Skopje in Macedonia to the capital Pristina, where we picked up a car to drive to Peč and then to beautiful Prizren. Our travels would then take us into Albania. All guided by a well organised itinerary from Evasion Albanie.


Flag of Kosovo