We booked our last two days of this whirlwind visit to Montenegro on the coast. We avoided Budva, as it is a popular and crowded beach resort and choose Kotor for its charming walled city.

Kotor is set at the end of a complex bay that wends its way around massive, vertical rocks. The city wall is built 800m up the rock with a castle on top. It was much too warm to climb to the castle but the ancient town with its sea moat and lovely white stone buildings was beautiful.

We stayed a few kilometres out of Kotor in a little village where the church of Sv.Eustahije obligingly rang its bells between 7am and 10pm. Between Kotor and our village the tiny strips of pebbly beaches and the concrete walls were alive each day with sun worshippers and fishermen.

We cooled off in the evening in a little restaurant right on the water’s edge and managed to get our meal finished on our last night before a thunderstorm took hold. This was the first relief from the southern Mediterranean heat wave in 6 weeks.