Chile – from north to south

Monday 15 to Saturday 27 January

Chile is one of the longest countries, stretching 4,300km from north to south. And with such a distance, the climate varies from the hot dry heat of the Atacama Desert to the pleasant Mediterranean in its capital to the icy environment of Patagonia.

Our journey took us from Bolivia into the Atacama Desert at San Pedro de Atacama. We flew to Santiago and from there toured the Casablanca Valley wine region,

We flew south the Puerto Montt in the Lake District and further south again to Punta Arenas, the southernmost city in Chile.

Chile also makes a territorial claim on part of Antarctica known as Chilean Antarctica, which covers the archipelago and the South Shetland Islands. These claims are not recognised by the Antarctic Treaty, established in 1961 to form a legal framework for nations on the continent.