Wrapping up Barcelona

Whilst home in Barcelona was actually about 14km to the north in Badalona, it was a fantastic opportunity to visit the city for a bit of sightseeing, buy some new jeans or just check our email at the Apple store.

So we got to know Barcelona quite well, even able to navigate the streets and the public transport without a tourist map in hand.

We visited the sights – Parc Güel, Sagrada Familia, Montjuïc, Plaça de Catalunya, Parc la Ciutadella, Las Ramblas.  We tried the various restaurants, visited museums and art galleries and watched parades.

Some highlights were the dancing waters of the Montjuïc Fountain, a day playing with cameras in Parc Güel and watching the Three Kings parade on the eve of the Epiphany.

We saw Barcelona in protest on Catalunya Day (11 September) and during a general strike (14 November) – where the frustrations of the GFC and unemployment were brought home to us.

But the best part of our time there, was just feeling “at home” in Barcelona.