September 11

September 11 means a lot in our history, but in Barcelona we were struck with a very different meaning.

September 11 is a holiday celebrating Catalunya, the Spanish state which includes Barcelona.  In 2012 a massive march was organised to call for the independence of Catalunya, from Spain.

We visted Barcelona that day, knowing the march was on, but never expecting to become part of an estimated 1.5 million crowd marching down Passage de Gràcia, through Plaça de Catalunya and on to the Arc de Triomf.  People of all ages, young families, young adults with a purpose, children and grandparents were all part of the crowd.

It is a passionate cry for independence that is taking on more meaning as an estimated 52% of young people are unemployed in Spain, in these harsh economic conditions.

If you would like to read a little more about the economic situation in Barcelona, here are a couple of articles published by The Age:

My heart goes out to them

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