The End of the World

Forty and a bit years ago, in my hitch hiking days, I was on a mission – to reach Land’s End.

It was Sunday and it was raining so my chances of reaching there were looking grimmer and grimmer.

Then along came two guys in a camper van with massive letters spelling out Australia on its rear end. They talked me out of visiting this wild, wet and windy place where you can’t even see The End.

The rest is history.

Today Bruce brought me to Land’s End where we will celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary. It is not wild and wet and windy. Instead we were treated to a wonderful sunset over The End.


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3 Responses to The End of the World

  1. Decima says:

    Nice to receive a warm(ish) welcome. Happy anniversary, enjoy the celebration.

  2. Happy anniversary – but late but better late than never. Dot has a temporary job as a social worker in Broome and is hoping it will become a year. Then I will join her plus dogs. I’ve been busy with social media but way too frustrating. I had a woman help me last year with getting 2 books set up for Smashwords and she’ll help with CreateSpace for one of the books. Though she can’t help with the cover. They’ve sent me some instructions so I’ll look at it tomorrow – never advisable at night.
    And I received my first quarterly payment from Smashwords which will pay for CreateSpace book.
    Happy travelling. I do like to be in England, no hassles except on the roads.

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