Chasing Bulls in Spain

The Osborne bull (Toro de Osborne) is a landmark in Spain and is the symbol of the Osborne brandy and sherry.

The monstrous black bull (14m tall) stands out on the high points of many roads.

I remember seeing one or more of them when I travelled through Spain in the 70s and more recently in 2007.  A couple of weeks ago we saw one on the road to Granada, on a freeway, not a convenient place to stop.

After a litte research, Bruce decided to go find the nearest bull to Barcelona, a mere 270km away on the road to Zaragosa.  They are, after all, very photogenic.

Fortunately he was there and in excellent condition.

And even more exciting, he had a mate a little further down the road.

We took the opportunity to pop into Zaragoza, a beautiful city that hosted the World Fair in 2008, with the theme “Water and Sustainable Development”.

It was a long but fruitful 600km drive on a Saturday afternoon!

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One Response to Chasing Bulls in Spain

  1. Alex Mifsud says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. All I can say is wish we were there again!
    Cheers, Alex.

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