We’ve got Wheels!!

Thanks to Renault Eurodrive we have taken possession of a beautiful, black, sleek Renault Sport, which will be ours for the next 5 and a bit months.

I’ve even been allowed to drive it twice, but honestly, I leave the steep, windy mountain roads, the narrow, windy village streets and the blisteringly fast autostradas to Bruce.  In Italy there aren’t many other roads!


Bruce with Elisabetta, taking over the black, sleek Renault Sport with tell tale red number plates

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2 Responses to We’ve got Wheels!!

  1. Michael Mardel says:

    definitely the way to go round all those mountain passes, up and the down the gears or is your auto? Does the red number plate signify a region, country or that it’s a hire car? So, are you the navigator, Thea?
    We haven’t bought another car yet as Dot is still finishing up her Be the Change symposium work. She spent two weeks and a few printouts from me as her printer died, though it is now resurrected thanx to her son, Michael. He looked at my Kindle but couldn’t work out how to connect to WiFi at our place. He did find the registration number so I was able to do that. On Monday I visited a friend who loves her Kindle. She connected to her home WiFi and when I came home, it worked on my WiFi. Go figure but she got my Kindle to say Michael’s Kindle and it now downloads as it’s supposed to. Somehow I got on a mailing list for weekly free Kindle books and now they can go to my Kindle. I haven’t worked out yet how to transfer from my Kindle to PC to my Kindle – it won’t work via the cable so maybe I’ll try with the Whispernet.
    cheers and happy travelling

    • thea says:

      Hi Michael,
      The car has 6-speed manual transmission, which is fun when the gear stick is on the right of you. It is diesel, which should be economical. As for the red number plates – they are temporary plates, just shows us up as foreigners who haven’t paid taxes on the car!
      I share navigation with “Jane” our sweet English TomTom voice. We actually agree most of the time!
      I think you will find your Kindle doesn’t need your WiFi, it can connect in the public domain. Not sure how, ‘cos I don’t have one (yet), just another bit of equipment to lug around.
      Good luck to Dot in finishing her symposium work…

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