Stamps & Hair Cuts in Sienna

Today we visited Sienna, a beautiful medieval town set on a rock.  As well as sightseeing, we had some more pressing needs – Bruce needed a haircut (gosh his hair neary reached his ears) and I needed to buy stamps.

So off we went with our separate tasks.  Do you know it takes longer to buy a stamp in Sienna than to have a hair cut!

Bruce has a haircut in Siena

Buying a stamp in Siena

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3 Responses to Stamps & Hair Cuts in Sienna

  1. Decima says:

    My friend Anthea who has just been on hol in Italy described trying to buy postcard stamps! Only did it once, far too onerous with stamps in time-delay vault, only 1 person permitted to sell stamps, and all stamp nos. sold to be recorded!

    • thea says:

      Actually, as we travel I get the feeling that postcards are becoming outdated. As well as the challenge of buying stamps, you simply don’t see them displayed as much.

    • Decima says:

      Replaced by electronic media I suppose.

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