The Colours of Isis

Most tour groups are led by a knowledgeable person with an umbrella or some little quirky thing on a stick to keep the troops in line.

On our Egyptian adventure our tour guide, the gorgeous Isis, used colour to help keep us together – the colour of her clothes!

And Isis’ knowledge of Egyptology matched her extravagant choice of colours. It was excellent – informative, romantic and of course colourful.

Every day we would wait to see the colour of Isis today – red, green, blue, purple, orange, turquoise. And every colour was matched with jewellery, shoes and hand bag. She told me she has more than a hundred watches to match her outfits.

It was not hard to locate Isis, our tour guide, in the madding crowds, so long as her colour of the day was in your head.

And at the cocktail evening on the boat she even selected a cocktail that matched her gorgeous turquoise outfit of the evening.

In fact the only part of her costuming that broke the colour rule of the day was her multi-coloured toe nails!

Some of Isis colours

Some of Isis colours

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