Blown away by the Pyramids

Our first sighting of the pyramids was from the Cairo Tower near our hotel. The sun was low and the sky hazy however we could make out the shapes of both the Giza and the Step pyramids.

The following day, in the midst of a traffic jam, with the tips of the pyramids in sight, a vote was taken – continue today or try again tomorrow. The sky was blue and the sun warm for winter, so I was pleased that the majority agreed with me to continue today.

As we arrived the sky darkened and the wind increased. Unbelievably we were to experience our second sandstorm (first was in Dubai and cancelled our desert safari). The wind was vicious and stinging and the visibility dropped. It was awful. I don’t envy the Egyptians when they suffer this weather.

We fought the stinging, howling wind and visited the 3 great pyramids of Giza, the recovered and reconstructed boat of Cheop and the Sphynx.  We continued on to explore the Step Pyramid and the wonderful, supporting tombs and temples.

You have to marvel at their wonderful construction. The fact that the ancient Egyptian kings spent their entire reign planning their place of rest, because life didn’t end with death and so the preparation for the afterlife was as important as ruling their kingdom.

Contrary to popular belief it was not slaves that constructed the pyramids but loyal subjects who loved and adored their kings.

NOTE: Thanks to Trish for coining the phrase that heads this blog.

Thea battling the sandstorm at the Pyramids of Giza

Thea battling the sandstorm at the Pyramids of Giza

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3 Responses to Blown away by the Pyramids

  1. Kerry Daly says:

    Thea, you are experiencing so much in such a short amount of time! It is fascinating to read. Not much to report here. One lady very interested in property but has to sell at Blairgowrie first. Don’t need to rush at this stage.

    • thea says:

      Hi Kerry, we are having a good time and seeing heaps. The tour is pretty full on – up early (not good for me). Good luck with selling, fingers crossed for your Blairgowrie lady.

  2. Thanks for sharing Thea. It sounds wonderful. Bad luck about the sand storms. Did you all meet up OK?

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