Learning how to deal with rain

When it rains we tend to go to ground at home. Hide and keep dry.

Not so in Korea and Japan.

There are umbrellas for your use at all the hotels and in tourist parks. There are plastic bags for you to place your wet umbrella in as you enter department stores and museums. There are racks to leave your umbrella in when you go into the supermarket. And there are even umbrella drying sponges available.

It has been a slow learning process, but we are getting the message, carry your umbrella to keep dry. In the intense humidity and soaking rain an umbrella does a better job than a raincoat.

So our souvenir from Japan are two very light carbon fiber folding umbrellas.

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5 Responses to Learning how to deal with rain

  1. Decima says:

    (The link to comments on the previous entry about Korean food is broken. ) I get the impression that bibimbap is ubiquitous dish in Korea?

    • thea says:

      Hmmm – thanks, the link is broken, a WordPress problem I think.
      And yes, bibimbap is a curious, but very, South Korean dish. But much of the food we ate there is very different to what we are eating in Japan and have eaten elsewhere.

    • thea says:

      Link fixed – I had to change the “Permalink” to something else. In fact the post link was broken – couldn’t link to it from anywhere. Perhaps a glitch in internet connection when I was creating the page?

  2. Decima says:

    And nobody steals your umbrella.

    • thea says:

      I don’t think anyone steals anything in Japan. I have never felt the need to cling onto my bag here, like I did in Europe!

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