Giving up the (Linus) Blanket

Since we started our journey nearly five weeks ago we have travelled in the comfort of familiarity.

Our first stop was Kuala Lumpur, which we knew well.  Next was Tioman Island – a resort on a tropical island, blissfully easy.

We then visited Dubai and Egypt, travelling with a tour group, both old and new friends.

Now we are leaving the Linus Blanket behind and travelling to parts unknown and without the support of tour groups and pre-arranged bookings.

First stops will probably be Jordan and Turkey.  After that Bruce thinks our next stop will be Greece, whereas I have plans to see Roumania and Bulgaria.  Let’s see!

Meanwhile – here is the group (minus Bruce, who was behind the camera) at the Mohammad Ali Citadel in Cairo.  Great crew!!  Travel home safely all.

The group in front of the Mosque of Muhammad Ali (Alabaster Mosque), Cairo

The group in front of the Mosque of Muhammad Ali (Alabaster Mosque), Cairo

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3 Responses to Giving up the (Linus) Blanket

  1. Decima says:

    And you stay safe.

  2. Trish Fisher says:

    Perfect Linus blanket header Thea.
    pete and I wish you both happy travels
    keep well and keep clicking

    • thea says:

      Hi Trish, hope you got home without incident. We are on our way to Jordan. Good last couple of days in Cairo – working on the blogs…

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