Disaster averted

Woke up this morning feeling grim…  Bruce’s camera is broken, and photography is so important to him, that we decided to replace it with the latest alpa 57 model.

After researching “buying a Sony camera in Japan” we learned that Sony and Canon sell cameras to the domestic market with only the Japanese language – not helpful to us.  My nephew Mike had also come across the same problem when he wanted to buy a new camera in Japan and had selected the Sony RX100.

A little further digging on the internet, we learned that it is possible to buy some appliances at the “export counter” in large electrical stores. In Sony’s case, the export camera would have the languages other than Japanese.

So we arrived in Kyoto this morning and headed off to the nearest electrical store “BIC CAMERA”.  It took a lot of patience, a lot of waiting for someone who knew very little about cameras but did speak English, to help us.

And the alpha 57 model didn’t have one of Bruce’s favourite features, a completely twist around preview screen, so he can take portraits unsuspectingly.  The alpha 65 did have this feature.

So Bruce has another Sony alpha to add to his stable, and it works with all his current lenses.  He is a very happy chappy.

Bruce with his new, English language Sony a65 - phew

Bruce with his new, English language Sony a65 – phew

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