Christmas preparations

It has been hard preparing for Christmas this year – just Bruce & me. This is the first Christmas we have truely been on our own. But Dotty has gone, Matt is in the Middle East, Phil has Krysti & Kate will spend Christmas with Mark’s family. Our boys are adventuring… Hayden living in Barcelona and Evan holidaying with Steph in Central America.
So it has been hard getting our heads around Christmas, particularly now that Bruce is ‘retired’.
Today we wrote Christmas cards and sent the Christmas email to most of our friends. I quite like the idea of saving paper and energy to deliver our Christmas wishes, and writing an email. What we save in cards and postage will go towards a dunny or two for Oxfam. Bruce wrote the Christmas letter this year, I hope it has a different mood.
Also today, we made pudding. Well, Bruce made pudding, which we will share with the family on 23rd December and with friends during the Christmas week. I also made Minced Tarts for our Kris Kringle party at work tomorrow and to share with friends.
So today did start Christmas for us.
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