Evan’s travels

Evan's travels

Evan and girlfriend Steph are travelling in Central America. They left late-November and are due home mid-January.
Communication has been limited because (choose one):
– they have forgotten us,
– they can’t find internet cafes,
– nothing very interesting is happening.

In fact, Steph sent an email to her friends, including Evan. Since I am monitoring Evan’s email I got to see it too.
Upshot – they are having a great time – seen some good places and not so good, food is ordinary – will be better in Mexico, don’t want to waste time in internet cafes, except to escape the heat.
So all is well…
In an earlier email exchange with Bruce, Evan had been wondering if his 22GB of memory cards for his camera was enough.  If each photo averages 4MB, that is 5,500 photos.  That is one photo every 12 minutes whilst he is away.  Hmmmmm…

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