Always a Time and a Place

It has been seriously hot in Melbourne this week. The hottest in 100 years. The tail end of a massive heat wave which swept west to east across the country, igniting numerous bush fires in Western Australia, recording the world’s hottest city of the day in Adelaide and causing debate about heat wave policy at the tennis in Melbourne.

As we sweltered, Evan did what he does best – put a visual representation of the heat on Vimeo, taken on his iPhone.  To our delight it went viral, grabbing 46,000 views on its first day (15 January) and 64,000 views the following day, and as I write this 154,000 views.  News agencies around the world have used it with and without credit.

Why does something go viral?  It is good luck – being in the right place at the right time.  The tennis in Melbourne and Australia’s massive heat wave has created news world wide.  Evan’s video is a lovely visual to represent what is happening in our part of the world.

Congratulations Evan – I am extremely proud of you.

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